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"The Japanese Shakuhachi derives from an ancient instrument that had seven or eight finger holes. One innovation in Japan was to remove two of the holes leaving only five. It is easy to bore a hole in a flute, but to remove one is genius. This is another example of how the Japanese reduce an art to its essence. The shakuhachi is stoic, but also very expressive. My intention is to honor the tradition of this ancient and beautiful instrument while urging it into the present - to play it as an instrument of the world that is relevant no matter the time or place.”  
-- Bruce Huebner   

About Bruce

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Before they hear him perform, Japanese people often ask why Bruce Huebner chose the shakuhachi, sometimes called the bamboo flute. “People here respond to me with great curiosity,” he remarks, “but if they have a chance to attend a concert, they recognize that they have missed something of great value that was always available to them, and they express gratitude to me for bringing the shakuhachi to their attention.” Terri Nii, Via Magazine 2014

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    Read about Bruce's journey from West to East and around the World here

    Watch Bruce play with his Tokyo based band, CANDELA, while they perform at Roppongi's Sweet Basil here

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    Learn about Bruce's Passion Project Going Home here

    Watch Bruce and Curtis Patterson at TEDxTokyo in English here

    Watch Bruce and Jonathan Katz join monks of the Soto Zen Sect in Matsushima, Miyagi Prefecture in a memorial concert here

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Concerts and Lectures

This Concerts and Lectures Section provides an opportunity for you to learn about the various types of experiences Bruce can create for your audience. Feel free to work directly with Bruce to create your own experience by customizing a Concert or Lecture series for a specific audience or venue. The possibilities are endless! Get some ideas by reading the Concert and Lecture descriptions below and then go to the Book Bruce Tab to contact Bruce directly. There's a Message Box to ask questions and begin the dialog.     

Shakuhachi: The Japanese Bamboo Flute

Employing a distinctive blend of lecture, hands-on practice and performance, Bruce uses the ancient Japanese bamboo instrument, the shakuhachi, to take his audience on a unique journey from the traditional to the contemporary.
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  • A unique journey from the traditional to the contemporary.
  • Lecture and performance of a traditional piece.
  • Learn to read traditional music notation and try the Shakuhachi.
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  • Watch Bruce on NHK television program BEGIN Japanology Japanophiles - - only viewable from Japan.
  • Watch Bruce's 1997 recital of classical Japanese Chamber Music in Yamada Style, Chikubushima.
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Tradewinds Pacifica

This Concert series offers its audience something totally unexpected by pairing the ancient shakuhachi bamboo flute with guitar, a Spanish folk instrument that has morphed into the giant of jazz, rock and pop of the West. The first time audience goer might wonder, "Can two such seemingly disparate musical worlds be joined in a meaningful way?" Yes they can, as Bruce and George demonstrate in this unique Concert and mini Lecture presentation.
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  • Experience both traditional and contemporary solos and duets.
  • Combines original material with traditional.
  • Hear stories and related history.
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  • Watch George and Bruce perform The Raven in Bali.
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Through music, imagery and storytelling, Bruce shares his experience playing shakuhachi in over 100 "Going Home" community concerts in Tohuko since the March 11th, 2011 disaster. Learn how musicians like Bruce played an important role in serving the people not only as performers but as listeners and witnesses.
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  • Listen to stories as Bruce presents his collection of images from the disaster areas.
  • Meet and hear from guest musicians who participated in the Going Home Concerts.
  • Enjoy performances of Tohoku folk and children's songs popular with the refugees.
  • Download PDF Infosheet
  • Watch Curt and Bruce perform and give an interview (in Japanese) for Iwaki Breeze TV shortly after the 3/11 disaster at the Jusano Shinpei Hall.
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The Aeolian Duo concert series was named for the ancient Greek God of the Wind. This Concert and Lecture option was founded in 2015 when guitarist Koufuu Suwa and shakuhachi player Bruce Huebner, met aboard a ship sailing from India ot Greece. Inspired by the beauty of the sea and the deep roots of their respective traditions, the two musicians created a wide-ranging and intimate program that is both familiar and new. Aeolian Duo invites the audience to take a musical voyage that evokes the sparkling waves of the Aegean, the deep pine forests of California, and the serene temples of Japan.
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  • Enjoy traditional music brought to life in a new context of folk, jazz and classical music.
  • Experience a unique cross-cultural perspective by two veteran musicians.
  • Customize this program to venue architecture, audience and surroundings.
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  • Watch Kofu and Bruce perform Forest in Black in Tokyo, 2016.
  • Watch Kofu and Bruce perform Deep Forest in Tokyo, 2016.
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Solo Shakuhachi World is a Concert and Lecture program based on Bruce's three decades long experience as a shakuhachi player in Japan and around the world. Customized to include group lessons, guest musicians, and audience participation, the audience will hear stories of Bruce's apprenticeship in a traditional guild and learn about his experience as the first non-Japanese student at Tokyo University Traditional Music Department.
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  • Listen to live music that provides a unique perspective on traditional music transformed.
  • Take a visual tour of Bruce's grassroot concerts from California to Japan to around the world.
  • Learn about how Bruce first encountered the shakuhachi, it's attraction, and how it has gone beyond Japan to become the Bamboo Flute.
  • Download PDF Infosheet
  • Watch Bruce Huebner playing shakuhachi in the charcoal kilns in Death Valley National Park, California.
  • Watch Bruce Huebner playing shakuhachi at Mirror Lake in Yosemite National Park, California.
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In this exciting and entertaining concert, Australian Miyama McQueen-Tokita and Californian Bruce Huebner take the traditional Japanese koto and shakuhachi far beyond the confines of guild and ethnicity. Enabled by their unique backgrounds, their music draws from influences as wide ranging as African chant, Irish ballad, tone poem, tango, world jazz, Japanese classical and more. Join them as they revel in the shear pleasure of music-making. The duo presents a wide-ranging concert unfettered by the boundaries of genre.
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  • Enjoy seamless trasitions from classical to popular music.
  • Awaken to the expressive potential and the breadth of dynamics of koto and shakuhachi.
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26th Feb, 2017 Tradewinds Pacifica in Salt Lake City, UT
3rd Mar, 2017 Todd Isler Bruce Huebner Duo at Shapeshifter Lab, Brooklyn, NYC, USA
11th Mar, 2017 Aeolian Duo Concert and Dinner Show in Tokyo, Yanaka
20th Mar, 2017 Sakura Blossom Tour 2017 at Mitsuike Park, Tsurumi, Yokohama
1st Apr, 2017 Sakura Blossom Tour 2017 in Fukuoka
3rd Apr, 2017 Sakura Blossom Tour 2017 in Kagoshima
11th Apr, 2017 桜前線ツアー2017年 守谷 
12th Apr, 2017 桜前線ツアー2017年 桑折町
14th Apr, 2017 桜前線ツアー2017年 盛岡市
15th Apr, 2017 桜前線ツアー2017 秋田市
16th Apr, 2017 桜前線ツアー2017年 大館市
16th Apr, 2017
16th Apr, 2017 桜前線ツアー2017年 守谷
17th Apr, 2017 桜前線ツアー2017年 鶴岡市
18th Apr, 2017 桜前線ツアー2017年 仙台市




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